1. Fleet vehicle management.
    We provide our services to businesses that have a fleet of vehicles that need continuous, periodic services or installation work carried out when required work to be carried out while vehicles are in down time or while out upon a job so your business can still run efficiently whilst a repair or installation is performed. These out of hours are between 6pm - 6am Monday - Friday
  2. Trade Spider
    coming soon!
  3. Custom work vehicle designs
    We provide a service that allows you to custom design your vehicle all in one place , using a vehecle diagram you can choose as where certain products are mounted, a combination of beacons, tow-bar, phone kits, speed limiting, scene lights , L.E.D's, interior lights, audio systems, fire extinguisher installation, light conversion's and metal racking. Also can arrange vehicle sign graphics.
  4. Special vehicle's designs
    We specialise on installing or repairing components on vehicle's such as private ambulance's & emergency response vehicles, highway maintenance vehicles, tool-vans, limousine's, Ice cream trucks, burger vans, small boats , marine boats, horse boxes, tour bus etc.
  1. Fleet vehicle tracking
    Fleet Vehicle Management
  2.  Safety Reversing Alarms
    Safety Reversing Alarms
  3. Speed limiting commercial
    Speed limiting commercial
  4. Slam locks commercial
    Slam locks commercial
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